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 "Banh Chung" or Chung cake (square glutinous rice cake) is a traditional cake of Vietnamese people in Tet Holidays. For the Vietnamese, making "Banh Chung" is the ideal way to express gratitude to their ancestors and homeland.

Foreign teaches instruct Vietnamese kids to make banh chung

 VietNamNet Bridge - William and Alastair Hill, are interested in the traditional New Year of Vietnam. They both teach pupils to make banh chung and teach them the English words on the lunar New Year.

2,000 banh chung for poor people

VietNamNet Bridge - In three days, the Hong Phuc Pagoda in Hanoi made 2,000 banh chung to give to the poor and the disadvantaged people.

Ethnology museum rings in new year

Hundreds of people including children attended the setting up of a cay neu made from bamboo in the grounds of the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology yesterday to herald the start of the Tet holiday.

New Year on the outpost islands

Being busy with making banh chung, watering vegetables, and decorating houses with peaches and kumquat trees but naval soldiers on the islands of Tran and Tra Ban in Quang Ninh province do not forget their mission of guarding the nation’s waters.

Vietnamese banh chung go abroad

VietNamNet Bridge – Mr. Tran Thanh Toan, who exports Vietnamese banh chung to the U.S. looks like an artist rather than a businessman, with bald head and moustache.