Basel II

Update news Basel II

The state-owned Vietcombank has received approval from the State Bank of Vietnam’s  to raise capital, while BIDV is stepping up implementation of a plan to issue shares to specific shareholders.

Banks take drastic measures to settle bad debts

VietNamNet Bridge - The bad debt settlement process took a big leap after the National Assembly issued Resolution 42, giving more power to banks to collect debts.

Foreign banks gear up to expand networks in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - In the last two years, Vietnam saw many foreign finance institutions leaving Vietnam or scaling down their investment.

Banks rush to complete more M&A deals

VietNamNet Bridge - Many banks have succeeded in scaling up their operation through M&As, but others have taken on new burdens.

‘Big four’ banks stay firmly in their positions as other big banks arrive

VietNamNet Bridge - The prosperity of the stock market in 2017 and the first months of 2018 has helped banks increase accumulated capital.   

Vietnam banks spend big money to hire foreign CEOs

Several banks reportedly are offering annual pay of VND8 billion to experienced foreign CEOs.

Vietnam’s banking sector regains strength

VietNamNet Bridge - International institutions have given positive comments about the operation of the Vietnamese banking sector.

Government offers foreigners opportunities to buy into Vietnamese banks

With attractive incentives from the Government, the opportunity for foreign investors to own 100 percent of a Vietnamese bank has never been better. 

11 Vietnamese banks have combined total assets of $10 billion

The finance reports from the first half of the year show that Vietnam has three banks with combined total assets exceeding VND1,000 trillion, or $50 billion, while 11 banks have total assets of over $10 billion.

Vietnamese bankers rush to invest in neighboring markets

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese banks with powerful financial capability are investing in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, betting on the prosperity of their markets.

Banks need VND33 trillion to increase charter capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Bankers have been cautious when asked if their plans to increase charter capital can be fulfilled this year.

Banks regain their heyday with higher profits, higher standards

Many commercial banks, which have reported profits for Q1 2017, have begun following higher standards in debt classification and provisioning against risks, while Moody’s has upgraded the credit ratings for eight Vietnamese banks.

Private banks increase charter capital, state-owned banks undecided

VietNamNet Bridge - A number of banks have announced they will raise charter capital in 2017 after receiving approval from shareholders. But all of them are private, not state, banks.

A-grade banks see great opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - 2016 was expected to be tough year for the banking sector, but commercial banks all reported considerable increases in profit. Will this occur in 2017?

The financial picture of Vietnam's 10 largest banks

VietNamNet Bridge - Profits from lending still make up a large proportion of banks’ total profits, but bad debt remains a problem.

Will Vietnam restructure the central bank?

VietNamNet Bridge - For the last ten years, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has said it would restructure its operations.

Vietnamese banks to apply Basel II governance standards

Ten Vietnamese commercial banks, chosen by the State Bank of Vietnam, will be applying international bank management standards in accordance with Basel II governance standards.