Bamboo Airways’ fleet could reach 30 by 2023

The Ministry of Transport agreed on the need for Bamboo Airways, a subsidiary of FLC Group, to increase its fleet to 30 aircraft by 2023 after considering opinions of relevant parties at a meeting on June 21.

Bamboo Airways began commercial flights on January 16 this year and currently has 10 aircraft

At the working session, participants shared theview that an airline needs to have a fleet of at least 25 – 30 planes so as tooperate stably and efficiently. Therefore, the ministry showed its support forthe increase of Bamboo Airways fleet from 10 to 30 by 2023.

However, it requested that the Civil AviationAuthority of Vietnam (CAA) work with relevant agencies to assess this budgetcarrier’s fleet expansion plan while taking into account the aviation market’sgrowth until 2030, the capacity of existing airports, and the availability ofthe CAA’s aviation safety monitoring personnel.

Meanwhile, Bamboo Airways was asked to clarifyits aircraft operating personnel and ability to ensure security and safety.

The ministry added that basing on reviewoutcomes, it will report the firm’s proposal to the Prime Minister.

Earlier, Bamboo Airways had asked the ministryfor permission to operate both international and domestic flights with morethan 30 planes. It is currently using 10 planes with an occupancy rate of 80 –90 percent each flight.

This carrier reported that since its firstflight took off on January 16 this year, it has operated more than 6,600flights on 24 routes to 15 domestic airports, carrying 800,000 passengers.-VNA

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