HCM City starts cashless programmes for bill payments

The authorities in HCM City have requested local departments and agencies to implement cashless transactions for all household bill payments including school tuition.

HCM City starts cashless programmes for bill payments

HCM City pushes for cashless payments

HCM City People's Committee have issued a decision on how to implement Government Resolution 2 on changing the business environment to improve competitiveness and labour productivity in 2019 with
view to 2021, which contains a need to push for cashless transactions.

District people's committees were asked to have plans to carry out at least 30% of the administrative services online.

Schools, hospitals, utility companies, postal companies and environmental companies
were asked to co-operate with banks and service providers to collect bills and fees via cashless payment methods. Paying via mobile phones and POS machines are encouraged.

Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation also asked their sub companies to work with banks and service providers to promote mobile and electronic payments.


Their target is to double the number of people who use e-payments to pay their electricity bills in 2019.

The police in HCM City will work with the Ministry of Public Security to simplify procedures and build a database about administrative violations in transport. They were ordered to collaborate with other
organisations to implement a cashless fine system.

Ho Chi Minh Social Insurance Department must also participate in the programme and encourage people to claim their pensions online.

They hope to get 50% of the participants in urban areas to use
cashless methods to receive pensions and allowances.

Nguoi Lao Dong/Dtinews

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