Soc Trang attractive to wind power developers

The Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang has risen to an attractive destination for investors in renewable energy, especially wind power.

So far this year, the province has approved the investmentintention for seven projects, including four in wind power and one ininfrastructure development for industrial clusters.

At the same time, a number of investors have made surveys ofwind power potential in coastal areas of Soc Trang. One project in the fieldhas been launched.

Soc Trang has made planning for wind and solar power areaswith total capacity of over 3,000MW, including 1,470MW of wind farms in Cu LaoDung, Tran De districts and Vinh Chau town.

Soc Trang owns a 72km-long coastline, with 22 positions earmarkedfor wind power development.

With an average wind speed of 6-6.4m per second, Soc Tranghas great potential in wind power development.

Provincial leaders are selecting investors based on theirtechnology capacity and social responsibility.

Earlier on August 14, they had a working session with theNetherlands’ Pondera Consult on coastal wind farms in connection with an internationalport offshore Soc Trang coast.

The Dutch investor showed great interest in cooperating withSoc Trang, considering the locality’s great potential in the field.-VNA

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