Update news Businesses

There is no reason for Vietnamese businesses to keep away from the Chinese market while Chinese traders have entered every alley in Vietnam.

Venture funds have superfluous capital, but lack projects

Venture funds have still been seeking opportunities to enrich their investment portfolios.

SOEs’ bad debt a threat to public debt payment

The government would have to come forward to make payment for the debts incurred by state owned enterprises (SOEs), which would be a threat to the national economy.

Taxes and fees raise violent controversy in 2012

While the government weighed and measured out every dong of the bailouts to businesses, ministries tried everything they could to impose higher charges and fees on enterprises, which were nearly at the point of death.

Bankers invite businesses for loans with insistence, borrowers remain cold

Commercial banks have launched a series of promotion campaigns, inviting people to loans at preferential interest rates. However, their invitation has not been replied to.

Newly born businesses can’t compensate for the losses left by dead businesses

While the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) shows optimism when stating that there have been more newly set up businesses than dead enterprises, economists don’t.

Businesses run out of cash, directors put on tenterhooks

Directors have been worried to death because their businesses have cleaned out, while they need to spend more at the end of the year.

The stories about Tet gifts to workers

In general, the Tet gift to workers at the end of the year is money. However, in the current economic difficulties, bricks, rice, garments and telephone cards all can be the “Tet bonuses.”

About 2013, excellent businesses also keep pessimistic

The latest analysis by Vietnam Report has pointed out that most of the Vietnamese enterprises keep pessimistic about their business performance in 2013.

Obama urges lawmakers to resolve "fiscal cliff" before Christmas

 U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged lawmakers in the Congress to find common ground and avoid the looming "fiscal cliff," saying he was hopeful that Democrats and Republicans could ink a fiscal deal before Christmas.

Under the table fees burden businesses

Sixty three percent of enterprises said they always have to pay under the table fee to state officials in order to expedite their administrative procedures.