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The number of Vietnamese businesses have been decreasing sharply in recent years, according to official reports by state management agencies.


Govt leaders outline FDI roadmap to boost growth; SBV submits asset management plan; Thai company acquires majority stake in tile firm; State-owned food processor to divest from affiliates; Monetary policies stabilise economy

The Vietnamese businessmen whose rise to fame from showbiz

VietNamNet Bridge – They are the big businessmen in their fields and their names appear regularly on local newspapers. However, they have been well known for the activities relating to the showbiz, rather than business activities.

Local authorities rush to make e-governments

VietNamNet Bridge – E-government has not only been existing on paper, but it has become true when local authorities have been making every effort to implement the model in their localities.

Three scenarios for national economy in 2013

 VietNamNet Bridge – Economists have outlined three alternative scenarios for the national economy in 2013, each extrapolated from the hypothetical GDP growth rates of 5, 5.68 and 6.34 percent.

Management companies taking thorny path to set up open end funds

Some investment fund management companies have been moving ahead with their plan to set up open end funds.

“Bountiful bond crop” raises worries

While other investment channels have been shrinking in the economic downturn, government bonds have been yielding big fruits. What’s behind this?

Banks don’t want to ease loan interest rates

The government is considering slashing the lending interest rate to 10 percent in an effort to rescue businesses which have been thirsty for capital. However, this has not been welcomed by commercial banks.

The “IT power” project still doesn’t have money to run

The goal of building an e-government may be unattainable due to the lack of money, labor force and other problems.


Gloomy picture on youth employment; State Bank may apply ceiling lending interest rates this year; Slow sales means big discounts on new clothing; 70 securities firms may be shut down; Nation to remain manufacturing hotspot

Businesses complain they don’t receive proper care from the State

Businesses have been caught into a vicious circle. Since they cannot borrow money, their production has become stagnant and they cannot pay bank debts. And since they cannot pay debts, they cannot access bank loans.

Loss making businesses still listed in A-class group

VietNamNet Bridge – No one knows exactly about the actual business performance of state owned enterprises (SOEs), and no one has sufficient information enough to give early warnings to businesses.

The globally best-known Viet Kieu tycoons

VietNamNet Bridge – They are the Vietnamese people who have set themselves up in business, settled overseas and become millionaires.