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Grappling with digital evolutionicon

Grappling with digital evolution

Amid the pandemic, with countries imposing social distancing and lockdown orders, digital transformation has become quite the buzzword, being mentioned more often than ever as people and businesses find themselves more reliant on technology. 

A strong Vietnam by virtue of digital technologyicon

A strong Vietnam by virtue of digital technology


Digital technology will be the key for Vietnam to realise the target of growing into a powerful nation with a thriving economy over the next quarter of a century. 

Vietnam: Fastest-growing digital economy in Asia-Pacificicon

Vietnam: Fastest-growing digital economy in Asia-Pacific


The digital sector is expected to contribute 30% to Vietnam's economy by 2030.

Market surveillance agency goes digitalicon

Market surveillance agency goes digital


Tran Huu Linh, director general of the General Department for Market Surveillance, speaks to Công Thương (Industry and Trade) newspaper on his department’s efforts to build an elite force in market monitoring.