Relic site preservation needs capable staff

Being home to two world cultural heritage sites and hundreds of historical relic sites, the central province of Quang Nam has paid heed to training skilled workers for the restoration and preservation of the relics’ values. 

This move has proven effective.

Over the past 20 years, thanks to archaeological and preservation cooperation programmes, My Son Sanctuary has escaped from the dilapidated condition with its towers in their original state and values restored.

Restoration that ensures the authenticity and core values of relics is the basic principle of all restoration projects.


Two years since the first training course for relic restoration and preservation that opened with the support of the Polytechnic University of Milan, My Son heritage site’s management board now has capable staff.

Each cultural heritage is a valuable asset of a community. Ensuring the authenticity and core values of the heritage is the basic principle of all restoration and this requires its owner’s endeavors.-VNA


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