Xoe Thai – unique cultural feature of the Thai people

The art of Xoe Thai dancing is one of the specific cultural traits of ethnic Thai people. This is a community activity imbued with Thai ethnic identity in the northern mountainous localities.

Xoe Thai is a form of folk dance featuring the unique cultural beauty and sustained vitality of the Thai ethnic community.

There are six ancient Xoe Thai dances which are often performed during important ceremonies. The beats to the ancient dances are to express the joy of people. In each dance, Thai people display their distinctive cultural traits and personalities.


The dancing brings people together. Each dance accompanied by drums encourages people to love life, and become more in tune with nature and their peers.

Through the process of natural migration and settlement, Xoe Thai dancing has existed throughout the historical development process of the Thai ethnic community. This is how Thai people connect with the community. The dances strongly reflect the living habits and way of life of the Thai ethnic people./.VNA

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