Update news energy

 A giant plant using energy from the Sun to power a Moroccan city at night will open next month.

Vietnam plans to generate power from rice husks

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam plans to develop 20 power plants that will operate on rice husks.

Vietnam subsidizing fuel prices?

A debate has been raised in response to the recent release of the UNDP’s report on the energy situation in Vietnam. The report says the government spends $1.2-4.5 billion a year for fuel subsidies.


PM approves 15 new golf courses in zoning plan; Vietnam makes break-through in global energy sector; RoK, Vietnam energy firms ink deals; More domestic consumers put purchases on credit


 S Korea-Mekong links grow; Credit growth hits 1.31%, raises doubts; Statistics show decline in FDI; The Gioi Di Dong files for public offering; Housing project offers special promotion; Vietnamese companies receive global recognition

Social News Headlines 25/3

Fatal skin condition found in Quang Ngai; Transport firms to submit drivers' health reports; Bodies of gold miners found after collapse; Expatriates want to bridge Vietnam-US cooperation; Police arrest man for growing weed


 ADB warns of risks for Asian bond markets; Forum offers information security update; Bong Mieu Gold plant likely to reopen next month; JICA funds four key infrastructure projects; Fruit exports off to good start


 Strong inflow of FDI forecast to continue; SBV delays debt classification deadline; US$1.3 billion investment in energy; Doosan Vina –first nuclear products supplier in SEA

New battery uses microbes to turn sewage into energy

 US scientists may have found a new way to produce clean energy by way of dirty water, according to a new study out Monday.

Gas hydrate and Vietnam’s choice

Vietnam has intensified the research on gas hydrate on its waters and continental shelf.

Vietnam acts on emissions

Energy usage contributes up to 35 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions in Viet Nam, Dr Nguyen Thi Hien Thuan from the Viet Nam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment told an ASEAN+3 workshop