3D documentary relives first air battle of Vietnam's Air Force

The Duy Tan Private University in Da Nang has launched the country's first historical documentary with 3D technology featuring the country's Air Force Ham Rong air battle with the US. 

"The First Silver Swallows" premiered in Da Nang over the weekend after a five-year project.

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3D documentary relives first air battle of Vietnam's Air Force

The team led by 39-year-old Dr Le Nguyen Bao reconstructed the fierce battle from April 4, 1965.


Retired pilot Doan Nguyen Quy from the Red Star Air Batallion, one of the pilots who fought in the battle on April 3rd, said after the first screening: "After more than half a century, I thought my memory had faded, but this film made those years come alive. I've worked with military film-makers before, but this viewpoint came from a civilian. I was very surprised to see the plane in the air, and memories of having to face that deadly threat came flooding back. I believe our young people care about our history and are proud of it."

Director Bao said that during his college years studying in the US, he got to see a 3D series on the US Air Force in which he saw Vietnamese planes being shot down. "I felt that my patriotism was hurt. I told myself I would make another 3D movie with a different approach."

The first part of the film follows the narration of General Tran Hanh, who is the sole survivor of the air fleet. The second part is a reconstruction of the fiery battle with up-to-date technology.
The First Silver Swallows will be screened in HCM City and Hanoi later for free.


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