Vietnamese designer Minh Hanh attends Japanese prize anniversary

Noted designer Minh Hanh was among the five guest speakers invited to attend Fukuoka Prize's the 30th Anniversary Symposium held recently.

The symposium was entitled The coexistence of developing Asia and its cultures-What Fukuoka Prize and the successive Prize laureates have protected, nurtured and newly created during the last 30 years.

Designer Minh Hanh at the event (second from right)

At the event, successive Prize laureates mentioned how significant and important it was to preserve and inherit unique and various cultures as well as to create a new culture in Asian region in order to realise sustainable Asian societies. Additionally, the purpose of this symposium was to pass on the Fukuoka Prize as an asset for future generations by sharing and enriching their understanding of the roles and values of what the Fukuoka Prize has so far achieved.

 Minh Hanh and Thai speaker

Designer Minh Hanh, who was presented with the prestigious Fukuoka Prize for Arts and Culture in Fukuoka in 2016, said that each speaker proposed different solutions and her speech focused on how to help raise young people’s awareness of preserving national traditional cultural identities through her fashion collections.

  The place when  Fukuoka Prize's the 30th Anniversary Symposium was held

During her fashion carrier, Hanh recognised that countries want to preserve their traditional cultural values through specific activities carried out in creative ways, helping to bring economic efficiency.

She also introduced some Vietnamese traditional materials including silk, brocatelle and ramie and propose measures to preserve and develop the fabrics in integration time at the symposium.


  The image of the speakers and the prize laureates displayed

Minh Hanh is the second Vietnamese to receive the Fukuoka Prize after historian, Professor Phan Huy Le in 1996.

The three other speakers at the event were Kidlat Tahimik who is referred to as the father of Philippine Independent Cinema; Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker who are internationally renowned intellectuals and Suehiro Akira, one of the leading Japanese scholars of Asian economic studies. 

The meeting was also attended by Japanese Crown Prince Akishi

  The introduction about the speakers


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