Egypt hosts Viet Vo Dao – Vovinam Championship

The Viet Vo Dao Vovinam (Vietnamese martial art) Championship – Ambassador Cup – was held in Shams El-Sheikh city, Egypt, on October 26 and 27, gathering mỏe than 80 athletes from Japan, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan and the host country.

Theevent was jointly organized by the Egypt Federation of Vovinam (EFV), theMinistry of Youth and Sports of Egypt, and the African Federation of Vovinam (AFV) under the sponsorship of the VietnameseAmbassador in the country.

Talking to Vietnam News Agency reporters inEgypt, Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong the tournament aimed to introduce Vietnam’straditional martial art and culture, helping to enhance solidarity and comprehensivecooperation among nations.

According to Chairman of the Vovinam Federation of Iraq Ali Kadhim Madlool, theorganisation has so far set up seven Vovinam clubs with over 100 members in thecountry.

It is constantly striving to expand its network, by establishing new clubs andrecruiting more young athletes, he said, adding that Vovinam is a suitablesport for young people in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Vovinam Federation ofAlgeria and the AFV Mohamed Djouadj said Vovinam is developing strongly in manyAfrican countries, and the AFV expects to increase its member countries to 17from 15 at present.

InAlgeria, about 20,000 people are practicing this martial art, and the number willcontinue increasing, he said.


The AFV will continue to expand cooperation with colleagues in Vietnam topromote the development of this martial art in the continent, he stressed.

The event offered a good chance for Egyptian athletes and coaches and thosefrom the Middle East and North Africa to sharing experience.

At the event, with the support of Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong, aconference was held to strengthen personnel of the EFV, with the aim of expandingVovinam across provinces and cities of Egypt.

Vovinam Viet Vo Dao wasfounded by Nguyen Loc (1912-1960) in 1936 but developed in 1938 with a view toproviding practitioners with an efficient method of self-defence after a shortperiod of study.

Vovinam is practiced with and without weapons. It is based on the principle ofcombining between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. It is not only about the training of thebody but also of the mind. 

The martial art has todate been practiced in more than 60 countries and territories, with millions oflearners from thousands of Vovinam clubs./. VNA/VNS

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