Multi-art show to mark Europe Day

A multi-art show will commence on May 9 to mark the Europe Day, the European Union in Vietnam has announced.

Multi-art show to mark Europe Day

Artist Nguyen Le, one of the two directors of the "Overseas" multi-art show - Photo: Courtesy of organizer

The "Overseas" show is curated and directed by two talented contemporary artists, Nguyen Le and Tuan Le, and organized by the EU Delegation to Vietnam in collaboration with the French Institute in Vietnam.

The two artists will join forces for the first time in a project which combines the landscape of Vietnam's contemporary creativity, the metamorphosis of its migrated spirit, and the blossoming of its unique roots through the journeys of time.

Nguyen Le was born in Paris to Vietnamese parents. The self-taught musician, who also majored in philosophy and visual arts, has developed a distinctive sound based on the seamless integration of cultures around the world. While becoming an internationally acclaimed jazz musician, he never ceased to build an identity stretching between East and West.

Nguyen Le has received many awards, including Ordre of Arts & Letters in France, Best Musician of the Year in France in 2011, and Man of the Year in France in 2013.


Tuan Le grew up in a family of artists in HCMC and became a juggler at a very young age before moving to Germany at the age of 14.

He performed the art of juggling for several internationally cabaret shows, particularly the Cirque du Soleil, for which he has been the first Vietnamese artist and director. In 2010, he received the Award of Excellence at the International Jugglers’ Association.

In the international press, his "Lang Toi", "A O Show" and "Teh Dar" shows are among the best art performances that have been created in Vietnam to date.

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