New shows for children hit the stage

Theatres in Hanoi are busy launching new shows ahead of International Children's Day on June 1 and the upcoming summer holidays. This season's offerings are diverse and exciting as theatres continue to invest in quality programming.

Kids’ shows that entertain and educate
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New shows for children hit the stage
New show entitled Sơn Tinh Thủy Tinh by Viet Nam Youth Theatre. Photo Nguyen Binh

Viet Nam Youth Theatre – the only theatre for children in Hanoi – has three shows including The Blue Bird, Mermaid Dreams and the new Sơn Tinh Thủy Tinh (Mountain Deity and Water Deity).
Sơn Tinh Thủy Tinh includes a play, singing and dancing. The 60-minute show is directed by Ly Chi Huy.

“The show tells a story about a fight between Sơn Tinh and Thủy Tinh,” said Huy. “It highlights the spirit of solidarity and our ancestors' work to create dikes and prevent floods. It also conveys the message that individual selfishness harms innocent people."

Sơn Tinh Thủy Tinh is a folk tale familiar to many generations of Vietnamese. It is a legend that attempts to explain the natural phenomenon of the monsoon season.

The Blue Bird and Mermaid Dreams came to the audiences last season, but the artists have changed some details to make them more attractive.

Also drawing on Vietnamese folk culture, Le Ngoc Theatre has just performed a new play entitled Tấm Cám.

The play is by Singaporean director Chua Soo Pong, who adjusted characters from the folk tale.

God does not appear in the show. Instead, every time the main character Tấm meets difficulties, her mother shows up to help.


"I want to highlight the Vietnamese concept that the mother is always with her children, even if she died she always protects and supports her children," said Chua.

Both Thang Long Puppet Theatre and Viet Nam Circus Federation make good use of another character from a folk tale, Uncle Teu, in different and interesting shows.

In Thang Long Puppet Theatre's Children Are All, Uncle Teu will bring the children into the magical world of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

Artists from the Viet Nam Circus Federation will perform acrobatics, trapeze acts, and feats with animals in The Adventure of Uncle Teu.

New Land of Green Forest Boy by Viet Nam Puppet Theatre conveys a message of environmental protection. Sờn Rách Hero by Viet Nam Drama Theatre creates a romantic world as a hero saves beauty on a colourful stage.

Star Galaxy Theatre will perform the dance Peter and the Wolf while Viet Nam National Symphony Orchestra will also show this story in music.

“Performing for children always requires hard work,” said People's Artist Nguyen Tien Dung, director of the Viet Nam Puppet Theatre.

“The shows are not only fairy tales, folk stories and history, but also about the issues of life in which children are interested.”


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