Small Theatre’s new plays beat summer heat

Young actors from the Small Theatre of HCM City are preparing for this summer with a series of new plays.

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Small Theatre’s new plays beat summer heat

The artists will stage Tiền Là Số Một (The Power of Money), a tragi-comedy written by Hoang Man, a famed playwright of theatre in Sai Gon style.

Directed by Quoc Thinh and Cong Danh, the play is about the life and loves of Tung and Phen, poor farmers who became millionaires after winning the lottery.

Tung and Phen can enjoy happiness and love with money but it controls their lives. They have no true love, friendships or family.

“Our work features a very old story, but also is about the social issues of today,” said the play’s director Thinh.

The play includes dance and music to express the actors’ emotions and feelings. Lighting and sound effects will also be used.

“For me, all experimental plays are a big challenge. I’m very involved in the job because I don't want to disappoint my staff and audiences," he added.


Thinh also worked with costume designers on making clothes for the main characters.

Instead of using veteran actors for the lead roles, Thinh hired young actors Phuong Linh and Ngoc Son.

"I wanted to use young actors because they make the play fresh. I also wanted to offer opportunities for young people who need to challenge themselves in the art," said Thinh, who plays a small role in the play.

For Tiền Là Số Một, Thinh’s actors have worked several hours a day.

"We have improved our shows in the hopes that our troupe will be recognised as a professional theatre. I hope my young staff can learn new things and develop techniques and ways of emotional expression," said Thinh.

Thinh’s theatre will restage four plays, including Chuyện Tình Nữ Phạm Nhân (Love of Female Prisoner) and Đẹp Bất Chấp (Priceless Beauty), which were hits after early this year.

Tiền Là Số Một will debut on Thursday at the Small Theatre at 5B Vo Van Tan Street in District 1. It will be staged every Saturday and Sunday from June to August.


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