Street Art Bus Tour paints murals to raise awareness about wild-animal protection

The Wildlife Street Art Bus Tour programme is calling on residents in HCM City to take action and protect wild animals.

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Street Art Bus Tour paints murals to raise awareness about wild-animal protection
Murals to raise awareness about wild-animal protection and climate change in Da Nang, painted as part of the the Wildlife Street Art Bus Tour programme. — Photo courtesy of CHANGE

The five-day programme includes mural painting and interactive activities between its organisers, local authorities and young people.

Its aim is to encourage people to protect wild animals, especially elephants, rhinos and pangolins, and not to buy products made from them.

The programme is organised by the Vietnamese NGO Centre of Hands-on Action, Networking for Growth and Environment (CHANGE), non-profit organisation WildAid, and many other sponsors.

WildAid works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and to increase local support for conservation efforts.


HCM City is the latest destination for the programme, which started on May 6 in the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau and then the cities of Da Nang, Hue, Vinh, Ha Long, Mong Cai, and Nha Trang.

Under the programme, murals are being painted in public spaces on Phan Liem Street, which connects the two busy streets of Vo Thi Sau and Dien Bien Phu in District 1 in HCM City.

The murals near these two big and busy streets are expected to catch the eye of many drivers and passengers, aiming to raise their awareness about climate change and sustainable lifestyles.

The programme has attracted many foreign and domestic artists, including Bui Ngoc Trang known as Trang Suby, Nguyen Hoang Hiep, An Chea, Lukas Harrer, Lee Kyui Young and Jack Clayton.


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