Vietnamese pop star accused of imitating foreign artists

Vietnamese Pop star Thu Minh has stirred public controversy after the launch of her new music video in which she is accused of imitating various foreign artists.

The 42-year-old singer introduced her new track entitled I Am Diva at a press conference held on May 30 after a time being absent from the stage.

While some people complained that Thu Minh (left) looked ridiculous in the new MV and was too confident to claim she was a diva, others pointed out that many items in her costumes were just imitations from foreign artists.

The black feather dress was like a copy of Kameron Michaels on the Runway stage in April 2018.

A scene showed Thu Minh rolled her hair in beer cans while talking on the phone, which resembles Lady Gaga in her Telephone video released nine years ago.


While the glasses she wore looked just like those worn by Black Pink's Lisa in her Kill This Love video.

The hat is a model which Beyonce used several years ago.

And the scene showing Thu Minh swing on a chandelier was also seen in Ddu-du Ddu-du by Black Pink.

At the press conference, Thu Minh was carried in by men while sitting on a chair like an Egyptian Pharaoh. And this image was reminiscent of Billy Porter at the Met Gala 2019 held a month ago.

The singer has given no feedback to these accusations. She just shared that the video has reached a million views, and was top 35 trending Youtube.

Meanwhile, many fans supported her, saying that marked a wonderful comeback of the dance music star. Dtinews

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