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Foreign non-Governmental organisations applaud Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19

Seventy-eight international NGOs active in Vietnam – including CARE International, the German Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund – have given full endorsement to the country’s effective efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students of Ninh Thành Secondary School in the northern province of Ninh Bình return to school after closure on Wednesday. International NGOs in Việt Nam highly appreciate the country's efforts in pushing back COVID-19. 


In their joint letter to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, these organisations expressed their gratitude to the Vietnamese Government, State agencies, local authorities and healthcare sector for promptly issuing guidelines for disease treatment, reinforcing preventative measures to protect citizens’ safety and save lives of patients. 

"We are humbled and impressed by Việt Nam's response to the outbreak, which has received a wide international recognition.

“We applauded all scientists, doctors, nurses and other medical staff who are working long hours testing thousands of people, providing care to those infected,” the letter said, adding that the hospitals and clinics here have prioritised "people over profits".

Việt Nam’s health declaration app was praised for its crucial role in providing information from the public to responsible agencies in real time as well as tracing individuals in close contact with patients. 

The temporary shutdowns of non-essential businesses and social distancing orders showed positive impacts on flatting the curve, according to the letter. 

“The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Public Security, and the people’s committees mobilised all resources to isolate potential cases of people with confirmed COVID-19 infections. All confirmed cases have been quarantined, hospitalised and given professional medical care, foreigners and Vietnamese alike,” it said. 

In the letter, organisations showed their commitment to supporting Việt Nam’s Government and people to help vulnerable groups including the poor and disadvantaged, those hit hard by the pandemic, during this troubling time and post virus. 

“Our team and our resources are at your disposal – ready to provide foreign aid now, but also committed to continue our assistance after the crisis is over,” stressed 78 international NGOs in their joint letter. — VNS