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VietNamNet Bridge - Deputy PM Vuong Dinh Hue says that Vietnam would rather attract one more million travelers than exploit 1 million more tons of crude oil.

Conglomerates pour money in tourism promotion

VietNamNet Bridge - Dozens of businesses contribute VND5 billion each a year to a tourism promotion fund expected to reach VND70 billion by 2020. 

Vietnamese spending more money on travel

VietNamNet Bridge - The lucrative tourism market is being exploited massively by domestic and foreign travellers through internet-based tools. 

Tourism sector faces pressure from growth targets

VietNamNet Bridge - To fulfill the GDP growth plan in 2017, the tourism sector needs to attract 13-15 million foreign travelers this year, or 3-5 million more than the last year. 

Chinese tourists spend big money but continue to book "zero-dong" tours

VietNamNet Bridge - Reports show that the money Chinese spent traveling abroad increased sharply in 2016. However, they continue to book ‘zero dong’ tours when visiting Vietnam.

A former guide gives Ha Noi travel tips

 VietNamNet Bridge – Get lost in the Old Quarter, mingle among the many street food stands, and other ideas for how travellers can make the most out of a first visit to the crazy but cozy capital.

Silver lining for struggling tourism industry

Inbound arrivals for the five months leading up to June dipped 12.6% year-on-year to 2.3 million, according to the latest statistics of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).

Vietnam taps natural resources to drive tourism

Dotted by charming small towns from the mountains to the west and the ocean to the east, Vietnam is renewing efforts to tap its natural resources to help drive tourism in the central region. 

Travel firms oppose higher admission fees at tourist sites

VietNamNet Bridge – Local authorities are increasing prices of admission tickets to tourist sites and scenic areas, saying that such fees could drive tourists away.

The striking appeal of northwestern region

 VietNamNet Bridge – Blankets of cloud and midst covering mountain ranges and beautiful valleys in winter entice both domestic and foreign travelers to the northwestern region of Vietnam.

To get the royal treatment, speak a little English

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese have recently voiced complaints about discriminatory treatment by service providers, claiming that foreign travelers tend to receive preferential attention.

Traditional craft village offers scenic escape for travellers

 VietNamNet Bridge – The hot season is approaching, but instead of going to the beach to cool off, what about heading to the mountains? We've got just the place in mind: Pac Rang Hamlet in northern Cao Bang Province, about 320km from Ha Noi.

Demanding money with menaces, luring travelers to low quality tours

Travel firms prove to be very professional in soothing travelers with sweet words. That explains why many people fell into the firms’ traps, and they only realized that they were swindled after experiencing terrible trips.

VN offers apology to overcharged foreign tourists, and what’s next?

Hanoi’s authorities have requested relevant branches to take urgent actions to eliminate pickpockets, vendors. The promise is the debt.

Overcharging foreign travelers tarnish Vietnam’s image

A lot of swindle cases in which foreign travelers were the victims were discovered in Hanoi and some tourist sites just within a short time.

There’s nothing for cruise tourists to spend money on

Travel firms complain that cruise tourists don’t have the opportunities to spend money in Vietnam since there are very few points of sales serving the special travelers.

Travelers complain services at airports too expensive

At the Noi Bai airport, travelers have to pay VND25,000 for a bottle of water, which is six times higher than the price posted at supermarkets. Other products and services are also very expensive.

In promoting tourism, Vietnam lacks both money and talents (Part 2)

Why can’t Vietnam do such interesting clip like the one made by a South Korean travel firm? The answer is “because it doesn’t have money.”

Tourism industry: achievements were not as satisfactory as reported

Travel firms keep doubtful with the figures of foreign and domestic travelers to Vietnam in 2012, because they are “abnormally high” in the context of the global economic crisis.

Fee increases make travel firms worried to death

The Ministry of Finance’s decision to raise the fees and charges on travelers has made travel firms worried stiff. They fear that the higher fees would keep travelers away.