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VietNamNet Bridge – Pham Chi Mai, 26, has been struggling to pay off her credit cards after an impromptu spending spree three years ago. The money she has borrowed has now reached nearly VND100mil - rather a lot of credit for someone her age

Uninterrupted practice tests make students whirl

VietNamNet Bridge – The university entrance exams would begin in only one month. However, examinees have been in a whirl with mock exams.

10 percent of excellent students choose history studies for university education

The Vietnam History Science Association has honored 206 general school students who got high prizes at the national history competition.

When teachers fail the exams

Tests have been organized in all localities nationwide to find out the real qualification of general school teachers have shown surprised results: a lot of teachers got the points below average.

Students with good learning ability wouldn’t enroll in pedagogical schools

“You have good learning capability and you’d better attend the exams to economics schools. You would squander your talents if you study at a pedagogical school and become a teacher,” a parent said.