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Inflation may return if monetary policy is loosened; Vietnam among world’s top 3 in export growth; Vietnam joins TPP talks in Singapore; Korean bank CEO honoured with Friendship insignia; Purchase power still slow after Tet

Vietnam – the paradise for 3G users

VietNamNet Bridge – Being a developing country, Vietnam has the 3G telecom infrastructure conditions equal to that of developed countries in the world.

Local authorities rush to provide free WiFi to attract tourists

VietNamNet Bridge – Hoi An, Hue and then other cities all have provided free WiFi in their localities in an effort to promote tourism and create most favorable conditions for people.

Some telcos would go bankrupt in 2-3 months

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), some small telcos have been driven into lamentable positions.

Sky high road tax kill logistics industry

The Ministry of Transport has raised the existing fees and set new kinds of fees, heaping logistics enterprises with big difficulties.

Investors run away from “golden land,” BOT projects suspended

Big real estate firms have tried to escape from the projects invested under the mode of “exchanging infrastructure items for land,” and from the golden land areas they once had to struggle hard to obtain.

Part 3: The stories about deficiency and redundancy

VietNamNet Bridge – With no electricity, Cu Lao Xanh remains an isolated isle which cannot attract tourists.

Commercial banks cannot find buyers, throw money into bonds

The volume of bonds bought by commercial banks since early the fourth quarter of the year has been increasing sharply. Banks, which now do not worry about the liquidity, have gathered up their money to buy government bonds.

Fund to set up to encourage PPP model in Vietnam

Vietnam may set up a fund which helps prepare and start investment projects under the mode of private public partnership (PPP). This could be seen as a solution to make PPP more popular in Vietnam.