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VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese labor export firms all confirmed that they have received a lot of big orders from Japan, which promises a prosperous year 2013.

Vietnam masters satellite technology

Vietnam has launched two communications satellites into orbit and hopes to control them without foreign assistance by March 2013.

Man helps local people with mental disabilities

A man in Gia Lai Province has voluntarily taken on the job of caring for dozens of people with mental disabilities in his home.

Software firms enter in league with others to earn money

Software firms now can see great opportunities to earn money when local authorities have thought of using open source software.

Vietnam gets puzzled in counting inbound tourists

Currently, all the foreigners entering the Vietnamese territory are counted as “foreign travelers.”

Wildlife in the biggest danger ever

Tet holiday always brings happiness to people, but it is a big threat to the wildlife. People try to do everything they can to have wildlife meat on the menus of their Tet parties.

Vietnam lays red carpet to welcome foreign teachers

Thousands of English teachers would come to Vietnam within the framework of the national program on teaching foreign languages at schools by 2020.

Rare medicinal herbs disappear

Scientists have urged competent agencies to encourage the cultivation of rare medicinal herbs, when natural herbs have got nearly exhausted due to the overexploitation.

MOET decides to stop 161 “master incubators”

MOET has stated that the ministry has decided to stop the enrolment of postgraduates for the 161 master training programs from 2013, because the programs cannot meet the requirements.

MONRE shows bad panorama of Vietnam’s natural environment

Natural resources have been degrading and getting exhausted, the biodiversity has got degraded, while climate changes have turned unpredictable. These are the main points of the picture about Vietnam’s environment.

Making the To Lich River’s polluted water drinkable, why not?

A group of scientists from the Hanoi University of Natural Resources has invented a technology allowing filtering polluted water to get drinkable water. However, people still keep doubts about the startling information.

Vietnamese students afraid of physical exercise lessons

The goal of physical education at general schools is to help students improve their health. However, this remains unattainable. The majority of Vietnamese students dislike the learning subject.