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Vietnam and India will focus their defence cooperation on applying technological advances and developing information technology and defence industry, it was agreed at the ninth Vietnam-India defence dialogue in New Delhi on January 16.

Peace cannot be compromised or imposed: Deputy Defence Minister

Having weathered every war, Vietnam will never accept any compromise over peace, and a country that uses its military power to coercively pressure another will eventually pay a precipitous price, says Deputy Defence Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh.

The outstanding feature of the Vietnamese defense policy

What are the most striking characteristics of Vietnam's defense policy after 38 years of reunification? VietNamNet would like to introduce the interview with Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh.

UK Defence Under Secretary of State visits Vietnam

UK Defence Under Secretary of State Lord Astor of Hever began a five-day visit to Vietnam on January 26 at the invitation of Deputy Minister of Defence Nguyen Chi Vinh.