Ly Son house built from plastic bottles

A Ly Son Island man is building a house from 6,000 plastic bottles.

Visitors to the house on Small Island, An Binh Commune, are impressed by 29-year-old Nguyen Loi message to protect the environment.

Loi said he started building the house after noticing that there were a lot of thrown-away plastic bottles. The house will cover 15.5 square metres. The pillars will be made from bricks to ensure their sturdiness while the roof is made from coconut leaves.

"I and the village children often walked along the beach to collect the bottles which are littered everywhere on the island. They have different colours but almost all in the same size. Big bottles will be used as flower pots or to make the fence," Loi said.

Loi then classified and put the caps back on the bottles to make the house's walls. The house is located near the port in Small Island and a highlight in the area to encourage visitors to recycle the rubbish to protect the environment.

Some photos of the house:


Tien Phong/Dtinews

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