Vietnamese farmers turn to work at night to avoid heat wave

Farmers in Thanh Hoa Province work their rice fields at nights to avoid the scorching sun.

As the heat wave continues in the north and central regions, the temperature has reached 40 degrees in several locations in Thanh Hoa Province. In order to protect themselves from the sun and ensure that they will plant new crops in time, many farmers have worked at night.

At 9 pm, the farmers still busily planted new crops on the rice fields of Dong Tien and Quy Loc communes. According to the farmers, the day is too hot, with even the temperature of the water in the field unbearable. Planting new crops at night also help prevent the newly-planted crops from being damaged by the hot water.

"After ploughing the fields, we have to plant the new crop immediately or else the soil will dry up. After having dinner, we went to the field and returned home at midnight to take a short break before resuming work at 2 am until sunrise," said Le Thi Van.

The farmers in Trieu Son District also went out to work after 8 pm.

"Even the temperatures inside the house are too hot during the day so we decided to work at night," said Le Thi Nga in Tho Cuong Commune.

Some photos of the farmers growing rice at night:


Working in the rice fields at night to avoid the sun


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