Inspection commission asks for discipline to ex-Deputy PM

The Party Central Committee’s Inspection Commission has proposed the Politburo to consider and take disciplinary action against Vu Van Ninh, former Deputy PM, for his violations committed while holding different positions.

The 37th meeting of the Inspection Commission lasted from July 2 to 4 

This was one of the issues discussed at theInspection Commission’s 37th meeting from July 2 to 4.

In an announcement of the meeting made on July8, the commission said in the post of Deputy Prime Minister, Vu Van Ninh hadviolations and shortcomings in the decision about the equitisation and thedivestment of State capital from Quy Nhon and Quang Ninh ports that ran counterto the Politburo’s conclusions.

While acting as Secretary of the Party Committeeof the Ministry of Finance, Minister of Finance and Chairman of the VietnamSocial Security Management Council, he lacked responsibility in leadership, direction, examination and supervision, leading to the State’s loss of a hugesum of money to the Vietnam Social Security’s lending of money to the Agribank Financial Leasing Company No. 2. Many officials and Party members involved inthe case have been punished.

The Inspection Commission said Ninh’s violationswere “serious” and affected the prestige of the Party organisation and himself.

During its meeting, the commission also lookedinto wrongdoings of the Standing Board of the Party Committee of the Dong Naiprovincial Department of Public Security.

It concluded that the Standing Board violatedthe centralized democracy principle and working regulations. They lackedresponsibility, examination and supervision and showed lax leadership anddirection, leading to many violations and shortcomings in the investigation andsettlement of cases and incidents; the management and use of weapons, land,finance and assets; and the personnel work.

The Inspection Commission also pointed out theresponsibility of several incumbent and former officials Dong Nai, adding thatthe violations by the Standing Board and the officials caused “very serious”consequences, affecting the prestige of the Party organisation and lawprotection agencies and stirring public concern. 

Therefore, disciplinary measures are needed, itsaid.

At the meeting, the Commission gave a warning toNguyen Van Cong, Deputy Minister of Transport; Pham Viet Muon, former deputy chief of the Government Office; and Tran NgocThanh, former Chairman of the Members’ Council of the Vietnam RailwaysCorporation.

Meanwhile, it reprimanded Deputy Ministers of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong andNguyen Nhat, and Nguyen Ngoc Hue, former Chairman of the Members’ Council ofthe Shipping Corporation Vinalines.

It also took disciplinary measures against three former officials of Dak Nongprovince. –VNA

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