National Assembly to open 8th session in October

The eighth sitting of the 14th National Assembly (NA) is scheduled to open on October 21, with 10 draft laws to be adopted and another eight bills scrutinized, the NA Secretary General Nguyen Hanh Phuc said on July 16.

At the meeting 

Speakingat the ongoing 35th session of the NA Standing Committee in Hanoi,the official called on the Government and relevant agencies to soon confirmtheir submission of proposals to the legislature at the month-long sitting toratify the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the EU-Vietnam InvestmentProtection Agreement (EVIPA), supplement and amend laws in service of the implementationof the two deals, and pass some resolutions.

Healso suggested reducing or removing group discussions which, he said, show lowefficiency, increasing the timing of the plenary session from two and a halfdays to three days, and cutting the timing for each address of deputies fromseven to five minutes.

Phucproposed minimizing paper documents and upgrading the software used inlegislative meetings.

Reviewingthe seventh sitting, he said its outcomes reflect consensus and solidarity withinthe NA, the close coordination of the entire political system, and the attentionand support of voters and people nationwide.

Accordingto Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung, 230 deputies engaged in thequestion-and-answer session of the seventh sitting, which took place in ademocratic way.

Althoughthe duration of the hearing session was reduced, the numbers of deputies andqueries increased as compared with the previous meetings, he said.

Phucpointed out shortcomings in the organisation of the seventh sitting, including thepreparation for some contents of the agenda and the slow submission ofdocuments relating to some draft laws and resolutions to NA deputies.

Otherlegislators also touched upon the big number of deputies who were absent fromthe meeting and the inefficiency of group discussions.

The NA Standing Committee is set to ratify the proposal to appointVietnamese ambassadors on July 16.-VNA

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