PM decides disciplinary measures against former Deputy Defence Minister

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued a decision on disciplinary measures against Nguyen Van Hien, former Deputy Minister of National Defence and former Commander of the Vietnam People’s Navy.

Nguyen Van Hien, former Deputy Minister of National Defence and former Commander of the Vietnam People’s Navy


Under the decision, Hien is stripped of the status of former Commander of theVietnam People’s Navy as he had made serious violations and mistakes whileperforming his role as Commander of the force. Earlier, the Politburo had alsoimposed Party disciplinary measures on him.

According to the Politburo, during the time serving as Vice Secretary of theParty Committee and Commander of the Vietnam People’s Navy, Hien bore responsibility for serious violationsof rules and mistakes of the Standing Board of the Party Committee of theVietnam People’s Navy in implementing the Board’s resolution on the managementand use of defence land under the management of the naval force.   

Hien also took the mainresponsibility for the violations and mistakes of the naval force and personalresponsibility for violating legal stipulations on land management and use, andconstruction regarding ten plots of defence land; violating the principle ofcentralized democracy and working regulations of the Party Committee of theVietnam People’s Navy; and slackening leadership, supervision and inspection ofthe management and use of defence land. 

Competent agencies said those violations and mistakes are very serious, causinglarge property losses to the State and the army, and resulting in a number ofofficials and Party members in the naval force having been prosecuted andsubject to criminal investigation, thus badly affecting the prestige of theParty organisation, the army and Hien himself. 

At a meeting of the Politburo on June 21, based on a proposal of the PartyCentral Committee’s Inspection Commission dated June 7, the Politburo decidedto strip Hien of the following job titles: member of the Party Committee of theCentral Military Commission in 2005-2010 tenure, and member of the PartyCommittee of the Vietnam People’s Army in 2005-2010 tenure (including thetitles of Vice Secretary, member of the Standing Board and member of the PartyCommittee). 

The Politburo askedrelevant authorities to decide administrative disciplinary measures againstHien corresponding to those of the Party.-VNA  

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