Vietnam, US step up cooperation in handling AO/ dioxin consequences

Deputy Defence Minister Sen. Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh on July 18 called for more coordination from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in dealing with consequences of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin.

Deputy Defence Minister Sen. Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh (right) and Michael Greene, USAID’s MissionDirectorfor Vietnam 


Ata working session with Michael Greene,USAID’s Mission Director for Vietnam, Vinh suggested the agency partnerwith Vietnam’s Air Defence – Air Force Service - the investor of the project ondioxin contamination remediation at Bien Hoa Airport - to complete the dossierof the project and submit it to the ministry for approval.

Vinh, who is also Chief of the Standing Agency of the National SteeringCommittee on the Settlement of Post-war Unexploded Ordnance and Toxic ChemicalConsequences (Office 701), suggested identifying technologies to treatdioxin-contaminated soil as well as solutions to ease dioxin’s effects onhumans during the implementation of the project.

He asked USAID and the the Air Defence – Air Force Serviceto make studies and plans to ensure that dioxin does not spread outside thecontrolled area, thus preventing pollution and creating safe environment forpeople.

Regardingactivities to support Vietnamese disabled people living in areas contaminatedwith dioxin, Vinh asked USAID and Office 701,and the NationalAction Centre for Toxic Chemicals and Environmental Treatment,to enhance coordination to negotiate and sign a non-refundable aid agreement,which will serve as a foundation for building documents of the project.

He hoped USAID would continue to cooperate with Vietnam in organisinginternational workshops during the time Vietnam assumes the position as a non-permanentmember at the UN Security Council.

Greene briefed the host on information related to the project in Bien Hoa.

He thanked the Vietnamese side for its support and direction for activities ofthe project, saying that the two sides should enhance collaboration to tacklepost-war UXO and toxic chemicals consequences, and improve thequality of life of people living with disabilities, towards deepening theVietnam-US comprehensive partnership. - VNA

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