Vietnam works with US to protect enterprises’ benefits: Spokeswoman

Vietnam’s agencies will continue to coordinate with the US side to protect legitimate rights and benefits of enterprises in line with legal regulations and agreements of the WTO, and prevent illegal evasion and fraudulent acts of origin.


Spokeswoman of the Ministryof Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang made the statement in her reply to reporters’questions about the US’ imposing of high tariffs on steelproducts imported from Vietnam at a regular press conference on July 4.

She said the Ministry of Industry and Trade had warned domestic enterprises aboutinvestigation agencies of importing countries, including the US, could changeregulations and set stricter requirements when conducting trade safeguard investigations.

This aimed to help domestic enterprisesbuild appropriate business strategies, especially to switch to using domesticraw materials or other sources, Hang said.

Regarding a question about Yemen-based Houthi rebels’ attacks on Saudi Arabia, Hangsaid Vietnam opposesactions to undermine safety and stability in the Middle East.

Vietnam calls for relatedparties’ efforts to resolve disagreements through peaceful dialogues based oninternational law and relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, in orderto soon end violence and restore peace and stability in the region, thespokeswoman said.

Meanwhile, commenting oninternational support for searching and rescuing Vietnam’s fishing ship, Hangsaid according to the National Committee for Emergency and Natural DisasterResponse, Search and Rescue, at 13:05 on June 28, 2019, the fishing vessel codedNA 95899 TS and 19 Vietnamese fishermen were in distress.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 29 sent a diplomatic note tothe Chinese Embassy in Hanoi to ask the Chinese side for emergency assistanceand coordination with Vietnam to search for and rescue the missing fishermen.

The Chinese side after that sent eight ships and two helicopters to coordinate withthe Vietnamese side to search and rescue the victims, she said, adding that sofar, nine fishermen have been rescued, a dead body has been found, while nine othersstill missing.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to work closely with relevantagencies to quickly find the missing victims, Hang added.-VNA

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