Da Nang park polluted by wastewater

A large amount of untreated wastewater has been discharged into a park in the central city of Danang over the past 10 days with the local authorities struggling to deal with the problem.

Da Nang park polluted by wastewater

A 10-hectare lake in 29/3 Park is seriously polluted by wastewater

According to some local people, the park has seen few visitors recently due to the seriously polluted lake.

"Although there has been no rain over the past 10 days, several pipes containing foul-smelling black wastewater keep discharging into the lake," a local man said.

An environmental worker also said that dead fish has been seen on the lake.

On the morning of May 6, Danang Drainage and Wastewater Treatment Company admitted that untreated wastewater has been found flowing into a 10-hectare lake at the 29/3 Park, which had polluted the area.


Director of the company, Mai Ma, however, confirmed that the amount of wastewater discharged into the lake was just about between 200-500 cubic metres a day.

Da Nang park polluted by wastewater

"We found two pipes that are discharging wastewater into the lake," Ma said. "We have sent workers to check the pipes."

The official also added that Danang is planning to build a wastewater treatment and discharge system along the coast. Once completed, all wastewater in the area will be collected to the Phu Loc Wastewater Treatment System.

Many beaches in Danang have also been polluted by wastewater from surrounding residential areas. Dtinews

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