Pollution threatens Phu Quoc rivers

Authorities on Phu Quoc Island are seeking ways to save rivers and canals which are dying from pollution.

Pollution threatens Phu Quoc rivers

Duong Dong River

Many people complained about the pollution and dead fish at Duong Dong River and Suoi Da and Cau Lon canals on April 4 and 5.

Test results show that the river and canals were polluted by wastewater from households, workshops and businesses in Duong Dong Town and Duong To Commune. The fish sauce workshops in Suoi Da Hamlet continue to discharge wastewater directly into the environment.

There are 10,000 households and 300 business facilities in Duong Dong. The pollution will worsen as the heat continues.

After the rain on May 4, the blackish wastewater was swept into the sea. According to the locals, they have reported about such a situation many times but there has been no solution.


Phu Quoc District People's Committee has asked the district Construction Investment Management Board, Office of Natural Resources and Environment and the Office of Finance and Planning to set up a plan to dredge up the river and canals and monitor illegal waste discharge in the area.

Le Quang Minh, head of the Office of Natural Resources and Environment, suggested directing the polluted water to the sea. However, his proposal is only a temporary fix at the risk of polluting the sea area. Moreover, since the discharges at Duong Dong Reservoir are limited during the dry season, there is a risk of saltwater intrusion as well.

The long term is to build embankments and a wastewater treatment system for Duong Dong Town.

Tien Phong/Dtinews

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