Six Vietnamese law violators in South Africa return home

Six Vietnamese nationals, who were detained in South Africa in 2018 for violating the country’s biodiversity act on protection of threatened species, left the country for home on June 30 after performing their obligations to the court’s rulings.

A lion at Kruger Park, South Africa 


South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, commonly known asHawks, announced on November 25, 2018 that six Vietnamese were nabbed whiledriving in a convoy in Klerksdorp, the North West Province, which is about 250kilometres to the northwest of the capital Pretoria.

A search of the vehicles found a large quantity of freshly cut lion meat andbones, a tiger skin and bonds, gas cylinders, gas burners, containers, a saw,knives, and other equipment used to process predator carcasses and bones.

The syndicate members were charged with illegal possession of game products,particularly lion parts and a tiger carcass, without a permit, and carrying outrestricted activities involving the specimen of a listed, threatened orprotected species.

Five among them committed offence, and agreed to pay 8,000-50,000 Rand (567-3,545USD) in fine in lieu of imprison. Charges against the remainder were withdrawnat the court’s trial on June 28, 2019.

The Vietnamese Embassy in South Africa kept a close watch on the case, sentrepresentatives to attend trials, and sent diplomatic notes to competentauthorities in the host nation to protect legitimate rights of the Vietnamesecitizens when they were remanded in custody for seven months.

Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa Vu Van Dung said that the embassyrepeated its warning to all Vietnamese visitors to South Africa and thoseliving in the host nation to comply with local and Vietnamese law, and not tocommit any activities that harm Vietnam’s prestige.-VNA

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