1,200 Vietnamese criminals flee overseas

Of the 1,200 Vietnamese people who had committed crimes -many of them serious - and fled the country as of May, Interpol has issued a red notice for 235.

1,200 Vietnamese criminals flee overseas
Vu Dinh Duy while serving as general director of Dinh Vu Polyester Fiber Plant project. The fugitive is still at large abroad - PHOTO: VGP

The Ministry of Public Security has completed the draft report on extradition and posted it on its portal to seek comments before it is presented to the Government, the local media reported.

The ministry made 35 extradition requests to foreign authorities. Of these, there are 21 requests under bilateral treaties between Vietnam and countries such as Russia, Australia and the Czech Republic and
14 extradition requests based on the reciprocity principle with countries such as the United Kingdom, Japan and Sweden.

As of May 2019, the number of criminals with an Interpol red notice considered to be hiding in Vietnam was 317.

In accordance with the relevant laws and international treaties, the ministry has received and
worked on 23 extradition requests from foreign countries.


According to the ministry, the Vietnamese authorities have effectively executed international treaties on extradition.

Based on the actual adoption of the 2007 law on legal assistance, the ministry noted that many regulations are not in line with multilateral and bilateral treaties on extradition that Vietnam has joined or with international legal practices.

Many cases have not been covered by the law, causing difficulties for the competent authorities when handling them.

The ministry anticipates an increase in Vietnamese criminals fleeing the country and foreign criminals hiding in Vietnam.

The ministry has thus proposed the National Assembly issue a separate law on extradition, with relevant regulations appended to the law on legal assistance, and build a coordination policy for extradition activities. SGT

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