63-year-old woman enrolls in university to pursue study path

An elderly woman in District 8 in Ho Chi Minh City decided to continue her study at a Van Hien University in her sixties.

63-year-old woman enrolls in university to pursue study path

63-year-old Dao Thi Thu ( R) at Van Hien University's office to register at piano and French classes (Photo: SGGP)

63-year-old Dao Thi Thu prepared enough necessary document to register at a piano class and French class of the university.

She admitted that though she is teaching organ classes in preschools, she knows little about piano. She has bought books for self-studying piano but she is still weak at playing the musical instrument.

She shared that she wants to learn piano to teach preschoolers. Moreover, those over sixties are eligible for tuition fee exemption in Van Hien; therefore, it is a good chance for her to pursue her passion for piano.


She remembered while studying in the Natural Science University in 1974, the country was liberated. Her family went into difficulties later, so she stopped studying and got married. She came back to studying in 2007 when her children have all grown up. She was 51 in 2007.

She decided to learn English in Pedagogy University and gained 600 marks to take TOEIC degree after three-year studying. In 2011, she continued registering online course of Hanoi University and graduated in 2016.

To encourage lifetime learning, Van Hien University decided to give exemption to people aging from 22 to 61 to help them to continue their studying passion. SGGP

Anh Quan

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