76-year-old woman travels alone to Thailand

Vietnam’s online community is buzzing with the story of a 76-year-old woman from Phu Quoc.

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76-year-old woman travels alone to Thailand
The 76-year-old woman travels alone from Phu Quoc Island to Chiang Mai, Thailand. — Photo facebooker Nguyen Ngan

The story was shared on facebook by Nguyen Ngan, a resident of Dong Nai Province, who met the woman by chance in the Chiang Mai Airport.

According to Ngan, the woman was very happy to chat once she realised Ngan also spoke Vietnamese.

“At first, I thought she was going with her children, so I asked: ‘Who are you going with?’ and she happily replied: ‘I’m going alone’,” Ngan wrote on her facebook.


The woman told Ngan she had booked herself a ticket from Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province to HCM City, then flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand. From there, she took a train to Bangkok for two days, then returned to Chiang Mai for another two days before flying back to HCM City.

She said that with a few common English words, she was able to book the plane tickets and a hotel in Thailand and use Google Maps to find the way. She also received help from airport staff.
“When I was young, I missed many travel opportunities so now I am determined to save money to go out and discover the world,” she said.

There have been many comments online supporting her decision.

One young woman wrote: “I just go travelling with friends but do not dare to go alone. Because the biggest fear is going alone, I have not followed my dreams. Thank you for making me determined.”


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