Binh Duong family found dead

A couple and their daughter in the southern province of Binh Duong have been found dead in their locked rented room.

Binh Duong family found dead

The house where the case occurred

The scene was discovered by a friend of the husband Tran Van Cuong, 35, at around 11 am this morning, May 27, in Di An Town.

According to the initial information, Cuong’s friend came to the house and called, but no one replied. He looked through the window, and saw Cuong hanging in the room, while his wife Nguyen Thi Hang, 31, and the four-year-old daughter were lying motionless on the floor.


The police then broke the door down and found all of them had been dead.

A family relative said that they had seen no signs of unusual behaviour. Hang was going to give birth to the second child in some days to come.

The case is being investigated. Dtinews

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