BIS Hanoi’s IB students exceed world averages for the second year

VietNamNet Global - Students at the British International School Hanoi (BIS Hanoi) have once again achieved strong results in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program for the 2018/2019 academic school year.

BIS Hanoi has achieved an impressive average of 33.4 points (the maximum IB score is 45), up from 32.3 points last year and significantly ahead of the global average of approximately 29.6 points this year.

BIS Hanoi’s IB students exceed world averages for the second year

Some 95 percent of the cohorts were awarded the diploma, which is approximately 15 percent above the world average. As many as 20 percent of BIS Hanoi’s IB students obtained 40 points and above, which is the score required to gain admission to the world’s elite universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Stanford, and the highest score was 43.

“BIS Hanoi is quickly becoming the school of choice for academic success and bilingual proficiency. I am so proud of our students’ achievements this year; the upward trend in results is testament to their positive determination and hard work, aided by our talented team of dedicated teachers,” said Ms Sue Hill, the school principal.

BIS Hanoi’s IB students exceed world averages for the second year

The respectful and caring culture and personalized approach to learning at BIS Hanoi has inspired their students to become formidable communicators in both English and their native language.

This year, 50 percent of their graduating students were awarded the special distinction of a bilingual diploma for demonstrating first language proficiency in two or more languages.

The results have shown the constant efforts of the students to learn and perform because in order to be awarded the prestigious ‘IB Bilingual Diploma’, the students have to maintain and develop their bilingualism through studying two languages at native-speaker level over the course of study.

“The teachers are so proud of our 2019 graduating class. They have worked incredibly hard to gain results that give them access to the world’s top universities. More importantly, through the IB Diploma Program, our students have learned skills that will serve them well in an exciting, ever-changing future,” said Mr. Tim Webb, Head of Secondary.

Achieving the IB Diploma is a valuable asset for any student as it demonstrates the ability to succeed academically and personally even in a rigorous and challenging program, and is a particularly effective method of preparation for the demands of university study.

Throughout the two-year program, the students have learned to balance their time between a demanding course schedule, sports and community service activities to build an excellent profile with the aim to achieve acceptance to their top choice universities.


One of the core elements of the IB Program is the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), which helps students to become critical thinkers with strong awareness of the nature of knowledge and the diversity of cultural perspectives. The skill set they acquired from the course will prepare them for tertiary education, where self-study and critical thinking skills are keys to success.

Besides the ability to excel academically, the program also helps students to stand out socially and personally among thousands of university applications in the world. Part of the program requires students to engage in a range of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) projects in which they take part in and contribute to their school, their local and global community.

At BIS Hanoi, the students have demonstrated admirable integrity and care whilst fundraising for various community projects in Hanoi, Mai Chau and Tanzania.

As part of the world's leading premium international schools organization – Nord Anglia Education, BIS Hanoi has been authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program, a two-year education program for students aged 16-19, since 2016.

The program aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. It is a widely accepted and recognized qualification for entry into higher education and universities worldwide.

“Year after year, I am so proud of our Nord Anglia students who — through their dedication — achieve results that exceed global averages for the IB Diploma,” said Mr. Andy Puttock, Group Education Director, Nord Anglia Education.

“This year’s results powerfully show how our students benefit from world-leading teachers who go beyond traditional education to inspire them toward success,” he said. “I’m proud of what our IB-offering schools have achieved this academic year and wish our graduating seniors a fantastic summer as they begin preparing for life after leaving their Nord Anglia school.”

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