Da Nang provides free water to fight salinity intrusion

Da Nang Water Supply Company (Dawaco) said that they would supply free water to hospitals, schools and hotels amid a water shortage.

Da Nang provides free water to fight salinity intrusion

Many hotels in Danang have asked to buy water to continue businesses. However, Dawaco have announced that they would provide free water for accommodation facilities, hospitals and schools.

"Owners of accommodation facilities, hospitals and schools can contact the company to get free water for students, patients and customers in the time being," the announcement wrote.

Dawaco announced a few days ago that water sources have become eight times saltier so they will have to cut supplied fresh water to residents of Danang.

As of August 23, the salinity concentration in Cau Do River was still at 1,000 mg per litre, much higher than the safe level of 250 mg/l. The Danang People's Committee has considered many solutions to deal with the problem such as mixing water from An Trach with the water from Cau Do River, letting approved firms exploit the underground water and reducing the capacity of beverage firms.

Dang Viet Dung, vice chairman of Danang, asked the Department of Construction to build a dam to prevent salinity intrusion.

Dawaco can provide 237,000 cubic metres of water to the citizens but the actual demand is 300,000 cubic metres of water per day. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed discharging water from hydropower reservoir to fight salination.

As of now, the residents in many areas in Danang have lost water for five days.


Measures sped up to deal with Da Nang salinity intrusion

Authorities in Danang are seeking measures to protect water sources in the area amid rising saline intrusion.

Danang City has suffered from water shortages for at least five days as the Cau Do River has suffered from high salinity concentration. Cau Do River is the main water source for Cau Do and San Bay water companies.

The Department of Construction advised all state agencies to monitor the weather closely and make preparations in case they have to build a saline prevention dam. The dam is only a temporary solution in order to ensure that most water will be directed to Cau Do Water Company in the worst-case scenario where there is no rain and the salinity concentration won't decrease.

The authorities are also preparing to build Lien Hoa Water Plant that has a capacity of 120,000 cubic metres of water per day. Construction will start in late September and be completed in 2020. The water supply system will be expanded with four water pipes to Ngu Hanh Son and Son Tra districts to be installed next month.

Dawaco Director Ho Huong said after hydro-reservoir discharges, the salinity concentration dropped a bit so Dawaco started their pumps to provide more water to the city. The situation improved on August 23. Dawaco provides about 305,000 cubic metres of water to Danang. On August 23, it provided 237,000 cubic metres of water.

"The water shortage occurred mostly in downstream districts like Ngu Hanh Son and Son Tra districts. The upstream areas have not suffered from water shortages," he said

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