Da Nang to fine owners over reflective building facades

The authorities in Danang City have issued administrative fines on the owners of several buildings after people complained about being blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the yellow glass used on the building facades.

   Danang to fine owners over reflective building facades


Two investors installed yellow glass on the facade of the two buildings on Nguyen Van Linh and Nhu Nguyet streets in Hai Chau District. Since then, many residents have complained that they were blinded by the intense sunlight reflected off the building. It has also caused traffic problems.

The 15-storey office building SHB Danang which was invested by the Saigon-Hanoi Bank on Nguyen Van Linh Street has the yellow glass on three of its sides. The 31-storey Risemount Apartment Danang invested by PAVNC JSC also used similar glass.

After receiving the complaints the local authorities have asked the investors to find solutions to deal with the reflective glass but nothing was done. Recently it was reported that the investor of SHB building offered to use film layers on the building facade while bonsai and curtains will be used on the Risemount Apartment.

The Department of Construction is reviewing the proposed solution.

On May 26, Nguyen Minh Huy, vice chairman of Hai Chau District People's Committee, said they had issued a fine of VND40m (USD1,700) to SHB and PAVNC JSC each for violating the construction regulations and proposed design.

The investors must contact the authorised agency to adjust the building permit within 60 days. Dtinews

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