Hai Phong river swan faints due to hot weather

One of 40 swans at a river in the northern city of Haiphong has taken to Hanoi for the treatment after it fainted.

Hai Phong river swan faints due to hot weather

The swan was found fainted under Tam Bac Bridge

Early this month, 40 swans were released on the Tam Bac River in Hong Bang District after the lake was dredged. Since then, many people have flocked to see the animals. 

However, last week, a swan among those was found to have fainted under Tam Bac Bridge. The incident was reported to the swan supplier Dan Chim Viet Company in Hanoi which quickly sent a car to bring the animal to the capital for treatment.

According to the firm, over recent days, the northern region experienced scorching heat. Meanwhile, many people came to Tam Bac River and feed the swans too much, including sweets and snacks, causing them indigestion. It was the main reason for the swan’s health problems.

The swan has now recovered and is expected to return Haiphong today, May 22.

The supplier said the most suitable feed for swans is bran and human food can harm them.


Hong Bang District has set up a task force to take care of the swans. The locality is also seeking measures to better the living environment for them.

Hai Phong river swan faints due to hot weather

The swans on Tam Bac River

The swans were imported from Europe and worth around VND8 million (USD347.82) each.

Last year, 12 swans imported from Belgium were released to Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. However, just a day later, they were moved to the city’s Thien Quang Lake following concerns that raising swans as not ‘suitable’ given the previous association of Hoan Kiem Lake with turtles.

The swans have adapted to Hanoi’s environment.

Lao Dong/Dtinews

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