Hanoi's largest flower market goes online

Quang An Flower Market remains empty as small traders and 300 shops close during the social distancing period and many have moved their businesses online.

In March, Patient 243 went to the market seven times in the early morning. The patient also went to various places before being tested positive on April 6. Over 100 people had contact with the patient during this time and were quarantined, including 73 medical staff.

Quang An Flower Market Management Board said the market was closed since March 30 until further notice. All traders at the market closed their shops and tested for SARS-CoV-2 after patient 243 was confirmed.

The patient also went to Me Linh Flower Market, Bach Mai Hospital, Phuc Yen General Hospital and a restaurant at 75 Giai Phong Street.

The authorities have barred the entrance to the market. Quang An Flower Market is the largest one in Hanoi and one of the city's tourist spot.

Some photos of the closed flower market:

Preparing to ship plants and flowers


Shops closed


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