People along Gianh River live in fear of landslides

Thousands of households along Gianh River in the central province of Quang Binh are at risk of harms by landslides as the situation is getting worse in recent times.

People along Gianh River live in fear of landslides
A landslide along Gianh River that came dangerously close to a house. — Photo

As the banks have eroded, some houses have been left no more than a few metres from the river.

The situation poses a serious threat to the lives and livelihoods of local people, forcing many to consider relocation.

“My house was only five metres from the river bank,” Hoàng Minh Phuong, a resident of Thuong Tho Village, Canh Hoa Commune in Quang Trach District, told online site of the Voice of Viet Nam (

“It's dangerous, especially in the flood and rainy season,” Phuong said. “The river had swamped into our houses and land."

Now, the locals have had to plant bamboo to prevent more landslides.

Canh Hoa Commune has more than 1,200 households, of which 300 are in areas with elevated risk of landslides.


Nguyen Tien Thuc, the commune’s vice chairman, said local people want the central Government to build dykes to protect them.

Meanwhile, in Quang Ninh District, there are four high-risk areas that are home to more than 1,000 households.

The local government has set up a plan to evacuate 200 households to safety, according to the district’s chairman Pham Trung Dong.

“In the long term, it is necessary to set up relocation areas for the local people as well as build up the dyke and dam system,” said Dong.

According to Quang Binh Province’s People’s Committee Chairman Tran Cong Thuat, districts were asked to speed construction of anti-landslide projects and dykes and reservoirs to keep residents safe during the rainy season.

“The province will invest into build up and restore the dyke system,” said Thuat. “And plans for evacuation and resettlement have been set up already.”


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