Petrol station con explodes online

A petrol station owner in Hanoi turned to the online community to look for a driver who owed him VND300,000 (US$13) after buying petrol and leaving his registration licence which was about to expire as collateral.

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The incident happened a month ago, but the driver seems to have vanished.

The story was posted on a car forum in the hope the online community would help him find the driver.

The information was complete: registration number BKS 30E-26 …, and gas station Phu Lo, Soc Son, Hanoi. Posted on the forum was also a picture of the salesman and the licence with an expiry date of May 14, 2019.


Netizens have offered their sympathies for the salesman, but some have also laughed at the situation.

“Maybe the driver was too busy and forgot to pay his bill, but a whole month is too long,” a Facebook user commented.

“Hurry up and pay your bill. It's embarrassing to be named and shamed in this way for a small amount of money,” another posted.


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