Thanh Hoa police bust illegal emigration ring

Thanh Hoa police announced that they have detained a woman for illegally sending workers overseas.

 Hoang Thi Huong (middle) detained for illegally sending workers overseas


Hoang Thi Huong, born in 1982 from Nghe An Province, has been detained for four months for organising others to exit the country and stay abroad illegally. The police also searched her house in Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, and found many documents, dozens of visas and passports.

According to the investigators, Huong set up Bright Prosperite Vietnam Company in 2015 with headquarters in Hanoi. The registered business is wholesale but in reality, Huong connected with many people across Vietnam to set up an overseas study and guest workers consultancy network.

From July 2017 to October 2018, Huong met and signed a contract with Nhu Thi Nhan and Pham Tuan Anh in Thanh Hoa to send 13 people from Nghe An and Thanh Hoa to Japan as engineers but use 15-day visas for tourists. They would then will hide and stay in Japan illegally.

Huong has many accomplices besides Nhan and Anh. Ngo Hong Son from Nghe An Province directly guided the workers on how to complete the procedures and accompanied them to Japan.

Thanh Hoa Police have started prosecution against Anh and Son for fraudulent appropriation of assets and organising for others to exit the country and stay abroad illegally. The police also banned Nhan from leaving her hometown since she is raising a small child.


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