Russian law scholar awarded with insignia

Director of Russia’s International Fund – The Way for Peace Umnova Irina Anatolyevna was awarded with the insignia “For the cause of Vietnam Lawyers’ Association (VJA) development” by VJA Chairman Nguyen Van Quyen.

Russian law scholar awarded with insignia

Speaking at the event, Anatolyevna thanked the VJA for its support over the past years, saying that the insignia is a source of inspiration for her to make further contributions to its activities.

She also vowed to contribute to further strengthening bilateral traditional ties between the two countries.


As a professor of constitution and international law, a scientist, a teacher, and a social activist in Russia, Anatolyevna is Dean of the Russian State University of Justice’s Faculty of Constitution and Law Research under the Supreme Court of Russia and President of the Centre of Law for Peace.

She shared Russia’s experience in building legal institutions in Constitution during a seminar held in Vietnam in 2012, thus helping the VJA offer proposed amendments to the 1992 Constitution.-VNA

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