Short names the aim of the game in Vietnam

Most Vietnamese names have three or four words, so Nguyen Thi Kim Hoang Linh Phuong has had a lot of problems thanks to her long name with six words.

Short names the aim of the game in Vietnam
Phuong and the decision of the Nhon Trach District People’s Committee in which agrees to shorten her name. — Photo

As well as her 'friends' teasing her over the name, Phuong couldn't get an ATM card from her bank as the lender's maximum name length was 26 letters, whereas her name has 33.

Due to such inconveniences, Phuong desperately wanted a shorter name.

Phuong, last Thursday told the Pháp luật TP HCM (HCM City Law) newspaper that Nhon Trach District People’s Committee in the southern province of Dong Nai had made her dream come true and agreed to shorten her name to Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong.


On the same day, Vo Thi Xuan Dao, director of the Dong Nai Department of Justice, told the newspaper that after the department received requests from Phuong, it discussed with the Nhon Trach People’s Committee to help Phuong complete procedure to shorten her name.

“Changing a name relates to many different important papers such as family record book and identity card. So every procedure must be done very carefully,” said Dao.

So while each child is special and unique, maybe for their sake it's best if they don't have a unique name. VNS

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