Showers to hit Hanoi and northern provinces this afternoon

Showers, with rainfall of up to 100mm, are forecast to hit Hanoi and other northern provinces on Tuesday afternoon, ending the prolonged heat wave in the region.

Road users travelin Hanoi during a very hot day in June. 

During thunderstorms there is a possibility of lightning, hail and strong winds, the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting warned on Tuesday morning.

The showers would hit the city and provinces mainly in the afternoon and at midnight until Saturday.

The centre said the highest daily temperature on Tuesday was expected to be about 38 degrees Celsius in the northern region and 39 degrees Celsius in the central region. The humidity was about 30-50 per cent.


The time with temperature above 35 degrees Celsius was predicted to last 10-18 hours on Tuesday. The heat wave would be mitigated in the central region from Friday.

In the meantime, the centre also said the torrential rains with a rainfall between 100-250mm would hit the regions of the south and Central Highlands between Tuesday afternoon until Friday.

Viet Nam is forecast to suffer the highest temperatures recorded in 2020, according to the Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration.

The country is predicted to face an increasing and complex pattern of natural disasters this year due to the impact of global warming, the administration said. — VNS

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